Pi Network – Make money from home with your Mobile phone

invitation code: lehanhbolero

Hello! I want to tell you an interesting story:

In 2008, when #bitcoin started giving away 50 coins a day for free, many people said “IT’S SCAM”

And then when #ethereum started giving away 30 coins a day, many continue said “SCAM”

Pi Network is now giving free of 6 coins a day and many people still say “It has no value”. Because we are too smart and suspicious!

And the results?

At the time this article is writen:

Bitcoin is priced at more than 40000 USD. If that day people trusted bitcoin, it would have made $ 2,000,000 per day.

Ethereum ETH is worth more than 1000 USD -> Believe it in the old days, it earned $ 30,000 per day.

Look at the numbers! Two opportunities have passed. Regret!

No problem! You are in luck having read this article and learned of the 3rd opportunity, its name is Pi Network.

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project of the team of doctors at Stanford University. Pi Network was created with cryptocurrency universal to all users around the world, unlike Bitcoin which is difficult to use and difficult to access to most of the population.

With your phone, you can mine Pi Network automatically, free every day. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum when they were first launched.

Pi Network project is at the end of its testing phase and is preparing to go public (expected this year). Currently, if you mine alone, you receive 6pi per day, 180 pi per month

  • If at the end of this year, pi is priced at 1 USD -> you earn 6 USD/day
  • If pi is priced at 10 USD -> you earn 60 USD/day
  • If pi is priced at 1100 USD -> you earn 600 USD/day
  • ….
  • If Pi costs 0 USD -> I am still me, you are still you. No one took any coins from anyone. However, this is not going to happen. The current number of pi miners has surpassed 12 million and is growing rapidly. Pi is the fastest-growing project in crypto history. Currently Pi has been traded for $ 10-$ 100.


Step 1: Go to CH PLAY (with samsung …) or App Store (with Iphone) to find and download Pi Network application to your phone.

Step 2: Open Pi Network app, select “Continue with phone number”. Select your country and enter your phone number (omit the first 0). For example, if your number is 0912345678, then only enter 912345678.

Step 3: Enter the password for your account (minimum 8 characters, must have at least 1 capital letter and at least 1 number). Remember password never forget. For example: Peter1989

Bước 4: In put “first name” and “last name”.

Step 5: In “Choose username”, enter your account name, remember to write without accent (name yourself). Choose a username that does not exist in the system, and it will be yours.

Step 6: In the “Invitation code” section, enter: “Lehanhbolero” and press SUBMIT.

Press lightning icon ⚡️ to start mining Pi.
🆘️Note: Every 24 hours, remember to open the App Pi Network and press the lightning button ⚡️1 times, every day!

Instruction to install Pi Network step by step with images.


There are currently 12 million people who are extremely optimistic and actively mining Pi every day. If you install Pi right now, then you are the 12th million. With the speed of development, spread faster and stronger than Covid 19. By the end of the this year, the number of Pi miners could reach 100 million. That was the time when Pi went public and officially became the most popular crypto currency. You are now earlier than 88 million people. And the goal of the project is to reach 1 billion users. You are still early bird right now.

So now is it the best time to mine? Technology era everything is very fast. Opportunity waits for no one, think of the bitcoin and ETH stories. Do you want to be the top or wait for everyone to finish the cup before continuing to chase? Be the first flying eagle, do not delay so that a few years from now you will remember the moment you say regretfully, “I remember I got the tutorial on it, if only I would spend a few minutes that day. … “